building wealth for the everyday investor 

Even in Challenging times

Carolina Premier Realty  provides investors with exclusive real estate opportunities, investing in the very communities we live in. With our more than 30 years real estate experience and having built many industry relationships along the way, Carolina Premier Realty is uniquely positioned as a strong force in the robust Raleigh, NC  market and  the rapidly growing Rio Grande Valley, TX area. Redevelopment, renovation, and restoration projects. with a seasoned General Contractor at the helm,  comprise our ability to keep pace with a rapidly moving market, diversifying our projects, and even in these challenging times allowing above the industry average returns to our investors. 


Growth demands properties to be relevant for today.  What was once a quiet corner has become a sought after locale, ready for a new purpose. We look for these golden opportunities to add to our portfolio, a chance for revitalization in the community and a strong return to our investors.


Our mainstay, the renovation  of current properties makes up the majority of our investment portfolio.  With the explosive amount of relocation into Wake County, a newly renovated home in a sought after neighborhood is typically on the market for mere days, ensuring a successful rehab for both us and our investors.


The rescue and restoration of a historical property brings its own challenges and rewards. Bringing a former jewel back to its glory is a passion to be tempered with due diligence.  By balancing what once was, with the way we live today, is the winning formula for a successful restoration for both the community and our investors.